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Coleman J. Watson...A Leader, A Dreamer, A Fighter

Coleman J. Watson has served in many leadership capacities in church, school, community, and business. Coleman's greatest joy has been serving and helping others, no matter the task, great or small. 

Coleman grew up in a loving home, surrounded by a loving family strongly rooted in church. This was were Coleman's love of serving was groomed and nurtured. The Christian teachings of his childhood shaped his beliefs.He believes in always being honest, always offering love and help to anyone he comes into contact with, and to always look for an opportunity to serve.  He was raised not to judge, but to show compassion for his fellow man.

Coleman would go on to work with organizations such as United Way, RYLA, and other community-minded projects that gave him an opportunity to serve. These projects also gave him leadership training and opportunities to sharpen and mature the skills necessary to work with others.  

After high school, Coleman explored the world of tax preparation. He excelled, and his knowledge of tax law and filings were highly regarded. At the age of 22, Coleman was one of the youngest General Managers for Liberty Tax. Operating both a franchise and corporate location, Coleman handled the stress and responsibilities skillfully. At the age of 23, Coleman ventured into entrepreneurship. Operating two small businesses, Coleman has experienced the ups and downs of small business ownership. 

Coleman’s training and experienced led him to the wonderful world of technology, first starting in the IT field and now working in software development. Coleman has experienced many opportunities that have come in his way. 

Coleman hopes his exciting and interesting career path will next lead him to the City Council. Coleman will use his skills and experience to create better opportunities and make life easier for the citizens of district 3 and Indianapolis. Being an amputee, Coleman knows how important it is to never give up, no matter how hard the obstacles may be. Coleman will be an advocate for a better Indianapolis for all. Our best days are ahead of us!

Coleman J. Watson

City Council Candidate District 3 


Committee to Elect Coleman Watson for Indianapolis City Council for District 3.
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